Policy and objectives are part of a comprehensive business policy and company business goals. The basis of the quality of the business policy of the company Elcon d.o.o. the orientation of all instances in the production chain to achieve: 
• The premium quality of all products of our product range to meet the demands and desires of customers and markets; 
• Installation and training of all personnel who can and must deal with all the requirements of the present and future time; 
• Selection of the finest suppliers of raw materials, raw materials and finished products, systematically tracking them for superior and consistent quality; 
• Selection of customers and stability of contracts with the same - regular monitoring; 
• Monitoring of European trends in the industry and be in step with them in all new products tailored to our taste; 
• Make a satisfied customer who will be proud to own and our rating, and through him to do fulfill the needs and desires of every consumer to identify the product in which it invested knowledge, power and love of staff; 
Additional advantages of our products are: 
• microbiological and hygienic 
• eggs without salmonella - the safety of use 
• simplicity, speed and ease of preparation 
• Save time, space and money 
We also offer frozen foods and their storage at the required minus regime. 
We also offer a storage of food on the mild temperatures of 0 ° C to 8 ° C. 
The company was founded in the  the 1974th, and 2002nd year production was completely modernized. 
Maximum annual processing capacity is up to 100 million eggs.

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